Telecommunication Services

In telecommunication industries, we’re providing both wired and wireless services including physical layer.

Wired System

PSTN Network

  • System design and architecture.
  • Installation, commissioning, integration of PSTN.
  • Installation, commissioning, integration of PABX/Key Phone system.

Transmission Engineering - Fibre Optic Network

  • Installation, commissioning, integration of general fibre optic system (SDH/PDH).
  • Installation, commissioning, integration of FTTH.

Access Network

  • Installation, commissioning, integration of MSAN & DSLAM.

Core Network

  • Installation, commissioning, integration of Softswitch and Media Gateway.
  • Installation, commissioning, integration of Mobile Packet Backbone Network.
  • Installation, commissioning, integration of SGSN/GGSN.
  • Installation, commissioning, integration of MSC.

Project Management and Consultancy

  • Supporting it’s customer business objective and consistently delivering projects.

In Building Domestic Telecommunication Infrastructure

  • Internal domestic fiber optic system.
  • Cooper wire/Coaxial wire wiring.
  • Etc.

Wired Telecommunication

  • Testing, installation, commissioning and integration followed by operation and maintenance for post project services.

Wireless System

RF and Optimizations

  • RF planning and model tuning.
  • RF Network Optimisation based on cluster drive test and also by networks statistic.
  • Analyzing network performance and provide solution in building (IBC) design and system.
  • Preliminary RF design and survey for microcell and macrocell.
  • Sing Site Verification (SSV) and Single Site Optimization (SSO) services.
  • Cluster drive services.
  • Network benchmarking services.
  • Link budget and traffic balance.
  • Technical Site Survey Report (TSSR) documentation.
  • Supplying drive test and optimization software and device.
  • Rental and providing test gear for RF optimization jobs.

Transmission Engineering

  • Transmission planning.
  • Traffic balance and path loss.
  • Transmission monitoring system.
  • LOS Survey.
  • Upgrading.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning.

Core System Networks

  • Design and solution.
  • Monitoring alarm system.

Testing, Installation, Commissioning and Integration

  • Testing, Installation, Commissioning and Integration for RF components such as BTS, feeder system, antenna system and microwave for macrocell and microcell for various technologies such as 2G/3G/WIMAX/WIFIMCDMA/TETRA and LTE.
  • Testing, Installation, Commissioning and Integration for electrical system.

Program Management

  • Coordinate and liaison with respective parties.
  • Manage, handle and deliver.
  • Creating and design working plan paper.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Cleaning/maintenance of telecommunication tower/monopole/lamp pole/structure maintenance.
  • Maintenance of generator set and refilling gasoline.

Site Acquisition

  • Acquiring site and dealing with respective landlord, local authorities, Utilities Company and others.

Technical Human Resources and Labors

  • Supplying technical human resources to company which needed.

Telecommunication Services​
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