IT Services

In IT Services and Infrastructure we’re providing end to end full range of services and products including installation, configuration, commissioning, testing and operation.

IT Infrastructure

  • Complete end  to end IT Infrastructure design architecture for SME/Enterprise/Data Centre/Telco.
  • Pre-assessment on existing infrastructure followed by complete full assessment.
  • Cost effective design with optimize resources.

Security, Data Communication & VoIP

  • Data communication involving SME/Enterprise/Data Centre/Telco for routers, switches and various network appliances (load balancer, packet shaper, proxy etc.)
  • Security involving SME/Enterprise/Data Centre/Telco for various network security appliances such as firewall IPS, IDS etc.
  • VoIP SME/Enterprise/Data Centre including IP phone, video IP phone, teleconference system etc.
  • For control room operation

Miscellaneous IT Equipment and IT System & Sofware

  • Such as recording system, printers, interactive whiteboard.
  • Testing, Installation, Commissioning and Integration followed by operation and maintenance for post project services.
  • Such as payroll system, web design, accounting software etc.

IT Services
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